Approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education, the Civil
  Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC) was established
  in July, 1982. It has both higher education programs as well as
  training programs for senior managers.
  It has five departments and offers thirteen majors. With a beautiful
  campus of over 50,000 square meters on over 60 acres of land, CAMIC
  is well equipped with a set of advanced teaching and learning facilities,
  including teaching buildings, computer centers, laboratories, multi-
  media classrooms, language laboratories, a sophisticated lecture hall
  with four-track simultaneous interpretation facilities, an auditorium with
  a capacity of 900 people, as well as cafeterias, a gym and the student
  dormitory buildings.
The International Culture Exchange Center (ICEC) of CAMIC has
been accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Beijing
Educational Committee for training overseas students.
It is responsible for providing training programs for overseas
students and holding international cooperation programs
with overseas partners.
Every year, there are several thousand overseas students from
various countries that come to study the Chinese language, Chinese
culture and Business. The students are mostly from overseas
universities, foreign companies, and embassies in Beijing. Students
are generally taught in a small group format, which is excellent for
language learning. By taking full advantage of the ideal language
environment of Beijing, students can quickly grasp standard spoken Chinese.